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  • kimochi warukattadeshou

    きもち わるかったでしょう

    That was uncomfortable, wasn't it?

  • kyou no oaji wa ikaga desuka

    きょうの おあじは いかがですか

    How's the food today?

  • kyoumo ichi・nichi yoroshiku onegaishimasu

    きょうも いちにち よろしく おねがいします

    I'll be taking care of you again today.

  • guai wa ikaga desuka

    ぐあいは いかがですか

    How do you feel?

  • (o)genkisoudesune


    You're looking good.

  • (o)genkidesuka


    how are you?

  • koekake


    calling someone

  • koe o kakeru

    こえを かける

    to speak to

  • korede ii desuka

    これで いいですか

    Is this all right?

  • korede owarimasu

    これで おわります

    That's it for today. ; We'll end here for now.

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