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  • aisatsu(o)suru


    to greet

  • akushu(o)suru


    to shake hands

  • asa hayaku kara sumimasen

    あさはやくから すみません

    I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning.

  • atama o ageru

    あたまを あげる

    to lift one's head

  • itadakimasu


    Itadakimasu. (polite expression used before commencing a meal.)

  • ichirei suru


    to bow

  • itte kimasu

    いって きます

    So long. ; I'm going and coming back.

  • itte rasshai

    いって らっしゃい

    So long. ; Go and come back.

  • itsumo osewa ni natte orimasu

    いつも おせわに なって おります

    We're always grateful to you

  • itsumo sumimasen

    いつも すみません

    sorry for bothering you all the time ; thank you for accomodating me

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