'Nihongo de Care-Navi' is a multilingual (Japanese, English and Indonesian) vocabulary database. The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute in Kansai created the site in order to support Japanese language learners working in the fields of nursing and care-work.


In order to help workers in hospitals and care institutions communicate with their colleagues, superiors, patients or clients, Nihongo de Care-Navi consists of more than 8,000 daily-use Japanese expressions and basic vocabulary entries. In addition, to help learners understand how to employ words in context, there are around 4,400 example sentences using vocabulary entries in beginners' level sentence patterns. The site also includes illustrations for certain care work-related actions, tools, or anywhere else necessary.

There is a scale of priority for learning vocabulary for different situations according to its relative difficulty and frequency of use. The system [Priority★-★★-★★★] is used.

  • : very high priority
  • : high priority
  • : less high priority


There are 5 ways to look for vocabulary using 'Nihongo de Care-Navi'.

  1. Search: Search by inputting characters
  2. Tags: Search using specific scenes or topics as a clue
  3. Search via Category: Search for vocabulary from various care or medical situations/subjects
  4. Search for Example: Search for model sentences for a particular scene
  5. Search for Examples by Words: Search for a model sentence that makes use of a specific word

Lists and Columns

Besides being a multilingual vocabulary collection, there are various other uses for the 'Nihongo de Care-Navi'

  • "Kanji 200" is a selection of 200 kanji often seen in the workplace. You can search for kanji by their ON and KUN readings.
  • In the "Counters" section, you can find a list of counters for various objects. Print out the lists as a handy guide.

"Column Hot CARE" introduces bits of knowledge about Japanese life and its culture, and also how Japan differs from other countries.

Senior staff member Ms. Saito introduces particular technical terms / abbreviations that would be used in her workplace.

To help users learn new vocabulary and expressions, a different example sentence is displayed in "Today's Example" every time you access the site.

In the "Care-Kun Navi", "Care-Kun" (the cute mascot of this site) introduces 5 items closely related to the word or expression that you have searched.

In cases where supplementary explanations are needed for entries (e.g. technical terms), a 'Note' is included on the search results screen.

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